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Why Air Conditioning Services Should Be on Your Spring Cleaning List

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While most people think of spring cleaning as the time of the year when we clean out overstuffed closets, put away cold-weather clothes, and do a deep clean of the inside of the home, it’s a good idea to think about one of the most important parts of any good spring or summer — your air conditioning system! Learn more about why you have your AC serviced this spring, then call 365 Kool in New York City to schedule a service appointment.

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It's a Good Time to Check That Air Filter

When you spend more time indoors, your air quality can drop if you don’t check or replace your air filter regularly. If you aren’t sure where your air filter is or whether or not it needs to be replaced, call 365 Kool for help!

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HVAC System Adjustments are Needed for Summer Weather

Anything that doesn’t get used for months at a time needs a little TLC before it can run efficiently and effectively, and your HVAC system is no different. There are many factors that can affect the performance of your AC system during the winter months that an HVAC technician can find and correct before it gets too hot out.

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Moisture Can Cause Mold

Mold is no good. Not only can it damage your home, it can also have a serious negative impact on the health of you and your family. Regular HVAC maintenance, especially between seasons, can help your system run well while also protecting your household from mold.

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Becoming Familiar With Your HVAC System Saves You Money in the Future

After you have your AC system tuned up by a professional HVAC technician, you’ll instantly notice a difference. Your home will be cooler, your air conditioner will be quieter, and your electrical bills should decrease. When you know what your system sounds (and feels) like when it’s at its best, you’ll know when something is wrong. The sooner you notice something isn’t right, the sooner you can get it fixed, and that will save you money.

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