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Boiler Repair Services: How to Hire Someone to Fix Your Boiler

In the average American home, a whopping 34% of your energy bill goes toward heating your home. So, it’s easy to see how a water boiler that’s not up to scratch can really eat into your budget.

The best way to ensure your boiler’s giving you your money’s worth is by ensuring it stays well-maintained and operating at its best, especially during New York’s severe winters.

For best results, it’s wise to work with only the most experienced and skilled boiler repair services in your neighborhood.

Here’s how to find them, vet them, and get them on the job as fast as possible.

History and Affiliations

The best way to find an exceptional boiler repair company is to ask family and friends for referrals. That way, you know for sure that they can do the job.

If you can’t find anyone suitable this way, the internet’s your next call. Most reputable companies will have a website where you can find out more about them, read reviews, and discover other important information.

You can also make sure you’re dealing with a local company that’s familiar with your regional circumstances as well as any pertinent regulations in your district. Always look for a company that has a long history in your area, and even some awards or industry recognition.

All heating and cooling service companies in NYC must hold a Home Improvement Contractors license. They should also carry sufficient insurance for their business activities, and contribute toward Workers’ Compensation.

If you can’t find this information on their website, call them up and ask them.

Pricing and Procedures

One way to tell a good contractor from a bad one is by the way they do quotations for their work. Boiler repair experts know that they can’t give you an estimate of the costs involved over the phone.

A site inspection’s imperative to provide the best service. You’re bound to end up disappointed if you accept a quote telephonically.

You should also check their website for any seasonal or other discounts offered to see if you can save on the services you need. It’s a good idea to get at least three quotes for your job before you commit.

When comparing these quotes, make sure you’re comparing apples to apples. Cheaper isn’t always better. A higher price might come with warranties or better quality equipment. In these cases, it’s worth paying a few extra dollars.

After-sales service also counts when it comes to boiler repair. A reputable company should also offer the option for an ongoing boiler maintenance program to ensure your boiler stays in top condition for longer.

New York’s Best Boiler Repair Services

At 365Kool, we’re proud to be the boiler repair services of choice for savvy homeowners in Queens, New York. We’ve been serving our community for the past 30 years.

Our expert technicians can assist you with all your heating and cooling repairs and maintenance, promptly and efficiently.

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