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Welcome to 365 Kool, New York City’s source for residential air conditioner services. We proudly provide AC repair, maintenance, and installation services for residents throughout Manhattan, The Bronx, Brooklyn, and Queens. We work with packaged terminal air conditioning (PTAC) units, central AC systems, and ductless mini-split systems. Plus, we provide 24/7 emergency repair services, and same-day service for many of our calls. With 365 Kool, you can rest assured you’ll be comfortable, year round. Simply reach out to us to schedule any AC service, and feel free to continue reading to learn more about our services and our AC systems.

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AC Repair

When your air conditioner starts to act up, you can find yourself in a sticky situation in no time. We’re here to ensure your AC is operating efficiently again. We provide repairs on PTAC units, central AC systems, and ductless mini-split systems. Feel free to contact us if you’re experiencing any of the common AC problems listed below.

Common AC Problems

  • Condensation or refrigerant leak

  • Blower fan failure

  • Dirty air filter

  • Frozen evaporator coil

  • Electrical failure

  • Thermostat problems

  • Poor AC performance

  • Complete AC failure

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AC Maintenance

It’s wise to have your air conditioner system maintained at least once per year, to ensure that it remains efficient and free from issues that can result in costly repairs. 365 Kool provides comprehensive AC maintenance services which improve the efficiency and longevity of your system. Again, we work with PTAC units, central AC systems, and ductless mini-split systems. Our tune-ups surround a checklist of tests and services, including all of the following.

Service Checklist

  • Refrigerant measurement and charge

  • Cleaning or replacing the air filter, as necessary

  • Thermostat calibration

  • Safety control test

  • Electrical test

  • Cleaning and lubricating blower fan

  • Air flow test

  • Condenser and evaporator coil cleaning

  • Inspecting condensation drain

  • Providing repair recommendations

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AC Installation

On top of our repair and maintenance services, we provide installation and replacement services. Whether you need to install a new unit or replace an old, outdated, broken-down model, we can help. We specialize in installing PTAC units, central AC units, and ductless mini-split systems. We can also haul away your old unit, when performing a replacement. If you’re not sure which model you’d like to install, we can recommend an efficient unit for the size of your home, as well.

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Our Systems

Here at 365 Kool, we work with PTAC units, which are common in New York City, as well as central AC systems and mini-split systems. You can learn more about these individual systems below. Please note, we do not provide service for window AC units or portable AC units.


PTAC Units

PTAC units are common in apartments and condos, since they are often sufficient for the square footage of these spaces. These in-wall units often serve as a heating and cooling solution, providing year round comfort. Like all AC units, PTAC units are liable to break down or leak, and they require yearly maintenance to operate efficiently.

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Central AC Systems

Central AC systems rely on an outdoor AC unit, and indoor evaporator coils, a blower fan, and ductwork integrated throughout a home. We provide full service for all components of these systems, including repairs, maintenance, and installation.

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Ductless Mini-Split Systems

Ductless mini-split systems rely on small, outdoor condensers, and an indoor evaporator and fan. These systems are often used as a retrofitting solution in homes where ductwork cannot be installed. We offer repair, maintenance, and installation services for these systems.

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Stay cool year round with 365 Kool. Count on us for all of your AC service needs. If you’re ready to schedule service, don’t hesitate to reach out to us. Again, we provide service in New York City, serving our neighbors in Manhattan, The Bronx, Brooklyn, and Queens.

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