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When Is It Time To Service Your HVAC System?

Owing to the continuous advancement of technology, it’s hard to keep up with the do’s and don’t of heating repair, including whom to call if you can’t troubleshoot a heating system glitch. This is why you need to find a local contractor you can trust to perform your heating system repair in New York City. Perhaps you doubt you’re ever going to find yourself in that situation but then again, you never know.

To fully understand all this and not end up overcharged for a service you never received, you need to know more about the process and schedule of servicing a heating system. Whether you want to find out what your best course of action is in a worst-case-scenario or because you want to handle your HVAC system in a responsible way, stay tuned!

How to know if my HVAC unit is working efficiently?

First of all, you need to find a heating system that best suits your needs − everything else is a waste of money. But even if you did do that, problems could arise, and it can happen at the worst possible time. The easiest way to find out if everything is working efficiently is by the simple process of elimination. If you’re not comfortable in your home but you’ve checked the thermostat settings and the home’s insulation, your HVAC unit may not be working properly.

Also, if the amount on your utility bill has suddenly gone through the roof, your HVAC system might be the culprit. Finally, the problem needn’t be inside, so check whether the temperature outside is considerably higher or lower than expected during the given time of year. Bear in mind that even if you do feel comfortable but there is a strange sound coming from your HVAC system, it might be time to have it serviced.

How can I tell if I should give my HVAC contractor a call?

Your HVAC system could break down for reasons that have nothing to do with you. However, you might expedite that process unknowingly on account of negligence and improper use, both of which could end up costing you a lot of money.

A huge problem with HVAC equipment malfunctions is that you might be unsure if the time has come to call a competent technician to the rescue. You might be thinking there is nothing abnormal about the system’s operation. Many homeowners fall into this trap because they fear that their chosen HVAC contractor might end up overcharging them for repairs that never took place.

However, if you do your research and find a reliable contractor, rest assured they’ll do out of their way to give you their honest opinion every time. Their ultimate goal, after all, is to keep you as a loyal customer. This is why they will do their best to reassure you so you would feel comfortable giving them a call whenever in doubt.

What time of year to service heating and cooling equipment?

Although calling an HVAC service for regular maintenance is the last thing on your mind if everything is in perfect working order, remember that you can never go wrong by thinking ahead. What’s more, it’s a step in the right direction because you’re focusing on prevention, not repair, which is not only less costly but also warns you if any piece of the equipment is in danger.

Roughly speaking, the best times of year for HVAC system servicing are the so-called shoulder seasons (between January and February and between October and December). That way, you can rest assured that you won’t get ripped off and that the contractor won’t be too swamped with work to service your HVAC system.

How often to service heating and cooling system in New York City?

As a rule of thumb, your HVAC system should undergo regular servicing at least once a year preferable twice, for the warm season and the cold season. However, this is the bare minimum recommended by experts for newer devices. This schedule does not, however, apply to all parts of the equipment. For instance, to protect the health of everyone living in your household, the air filters should be cleaned or replaced every three months or so.

Performing regular maintenance and servicing on older generation units should be done more frequently, considering the fact that they are likely to lose efficiency faster and faster. In such cases, regular maintenance is definitely in your best interest not only due to the expected wear-and-tear but also because of the potential waste of energy and, accordingly, waste of money. Finally, regular servicing of older HVAC systems will buy you a few years until you’re left with no choice but to buy a brand new one.

What other factors affect my HVAC system’s servicing frequency?

Bear in mind that the servicing frequency may also depend on the frequency and duration of time when the system is in use. As you can assume, excessive use may lead to premature HVAC system failure.

Likewise, factors such as poor insulation of the house, ductwork issues and the like may also adversely affect the system’s efficiency, causing it to overwork itself. All in all, your best course of action is to ask a trusted contractor whether your own HVAC system should be serviced more often than on an annual basis.